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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Consultant's Most Powerful Tool

As a consultant, one is required to enter an organization (if they are external) and address a problem. Some issues are straight forward while others may require extensive problem solving. When facing complex issues, consultants may need to look at problems from a different perspective. One way to achieve this is through mind mapping. Everyone has done mind-mapping at least once in their life. I remember being in elementary school and creating "webs" to help me compose a paper. This is identical to mind-mappping. It is an approach used to organize your thoughts.

How can a mind-map be used? It is pretty simple. Figure out what needs to be achieved and place it in the center of your writing space. From there, branch out anything that comes to mind when think of this goal. As you continue branching out, think of ways to achieve this goal. Eventually, you should reach a point that will create that "a-ha" moment. It is amazing how a simple exercise can help an individual reach a goal. An example can be seen below:
As a consultant, I have seen many models used by consulting firms. Most of these models are a form of mind mapping. They ask their personnel to break down the problem one step at a time. Start vague and work your way to specific. However, Mind-mapping (a similar approach) can be done by anyone!

There is an amazing amount of information on mind-mapping! Take a moment out of your day and research it.

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