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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chrysler's North Jefferson Plant Receives Bad Publicity

While listening to the radio this morning, I heard them speak of Fox 2's Rob Wolchek's newest investigative report. Wolchek followed several Chrysler employees leave the Chrysler production plant to take their lunch break. Instead of running to the nearest McDonalds, these people made a visit to the liquor store. Following their purchase, they drove to a nearby park where they drank (more than casually) and smoked marijuana. Chrysler has suspended these employees until further notice.

As the radio show continued, a variety of callers shared their opinions. Some of them worked at the the Jefferson production plant, some worked for another automotive or just wanted to voice their opinion. There were many callers that suggested it was inappropriate for Fox 2 to broadcast this. Others were happy these individuals got caught. Here is my two cents on the situation:

  1. Public Place. Whenever you are in a public place, nothing is private. Going to a nearby park does not mean you can partake in deviant behavior. In addition, marijuana is illegal. Was Fox 2 harsh for broadcasting this report?... Yes but when you are in a public place, you are at risk of being seen.
  2. Safety. It is clear that alcohol can restrict your motor skills. Marijuana has a similar effect. What is even more frightening is that these individuals are around dangerous machinery all day. Not only is it a liability for Chrysler, but is increase the risk that they can potentially harm or kill themselves. There is also a possibility of harming an innocent person nearby.
  3. Quality and Image. I do not know about you but I have no interest in buying a Chrysler automobile now. How does this affect the assembly line? Yes, there are quality procedures in place but errors still occur.
  4. Goodbye. As an employer, I would waste no time terminating these employees. It is more difficult for Chrysler as they have to interact with the union. I would expect my employees to be alert and engaged in their day. It is not possible to do that while stoned or drunk.
For more information on this incident, please go to: http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/dpp/news/chrysler-auto-workers-busted_20100923_dk

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