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Monday, July 26, 2010

Successful training relies on ______________.

Adults do not learn the same way as children. School systems use a teaching approach called Pedagogy, where learning is organized by a teacher and students are not involved in the decision-making. Andragogy, on the other hand, is a teaching styles that focuses on the learner and the learners hold a responsibility to acquiring the knowledge [In other words, they get what they put in]. For organizational training,it is highly suggested to utilize an andragogy approach. This can be achieved by explaining how the training will benefit them as an employee and how it may assist them on the job. . In addition, the training will ask learners to reflect on their past or current experiences to assist in learning.

Below are some suggestions to assist in creating a andragogy focused training session:

  1. Use a combination of activities that encourage discussion.
  2. Clearly state how the training will help them succeed in their jobs.
  3. Start with ice-breakers or trust-building exercises to encourage open discussion.
  4. Instead of playing the role of a lecturer, be the facilitator. Facilitate discussion among the group and ask questions.
  5. Identify introverted people and encourage them to speak up. (This can be achieved by allowing people to write their ideas/answers before the discussion)
  6. Have the employees set goals [related to the topic] at the end of the training. Be sure that they identify a partner that will help them to achieve these goals.
  7. Arrange tables/chairs in a layout that encourages discussions. The following arrangements are suggested:




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